About Us

Since the beginning of time man has sought the perfect way to carry liquid refreshment. In ancient times water was carried in clay pots on one’s head. The Romans built aqueducts to transport drinking water. And today we carry liquid refreshments in canteens, bottles, jugs, pitchers, barrels, flasks and in a simple drinking cup.

We have been friends forever, enjoying our time together. Over the years, we have attended sporting events, church festivals, picnics and many social events together. Like mankind throughout history we were always in search of the best way to transport our favorite beverage. We now have the perfect beverage carrier! Every time we use it people say “That’s Cool” and where can I buy one.

Fast forward to 2014 and our company “That’s Cool” is born. The Cup Carrier allows you to carry three or four of your favorite beverage(s) with one hand. When you are done you simply fold it up and place in your pocket, ready for the next time you want to order three or four drinks. Fountain soda pop, coffee, draft beer – add a plastic cup and carry bottled water, canned or bottled drinks and even snacks.

Order your Cup Carrier before your next festival, sporting event or afternoon with friends. Soon you will hear them say – That’s Cool.