Thats Cool Drink Carrier - Company Logo

  • $12.95


For orders between 50-250, use discount code 50LOGO to receive $1.00 off each item. ($12.95/ea)

For orders over 250,  please call us at 513-720-2745

That’s Cool Drink Carrier with custom logo is a unique and essential ‘must have’ gadget for anyone that has suffered the trauma of fetching a round of beers, coffees or other drinks for a group of friends with only one pair of hands!

The drink carrier can hold three or four drinks and folds up to fit in your pocket.

Great to carry multiple drinks around at Restaurants, Microbreweries, Coffee Shops, Sporting Events, Business Promotional Items, Resort Vacations, Concerts, Gifts & More!

After placing your order, please send a hi-res .jpg (300dpi) or .pdf of the logo you want to print on your That’s Cool Drink Carrier to

Estimated Delivery
We anticipate a lead time of 4 weeks depending on the quantity of the order…please plan ahead!